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Sundial Park Overview

Note:  Sundial Park is considered inactive by the Department of Parks and Recreation due to the relocation of the centerpiece Sundial Statue that is no longer in place as explained below.  Part of the original foundation is all that remains.


At 125 square feet, this was the smallest park in the city.  It claimed a fragment of land on what is now the northeast corner of Cherry Street and College Avenue near the Hillmount Apartments.  The plot was donated to the city in 1925 by Katharine Aldrich Blake as a memorial to her father, the pioneer citizen Moses Aldrich.  Its main feature was a bronze statue featuring a sun dial, created by Boston artist Anna Coleman Ladd, who was internationally honored for creating prosthetic masks for soldier disfigured during World War I.  The small scuplture was stolen in 1962 and recovered a year later.  It was initially returned to its original site but in later years was removed, painted gold, and placed in the John Ball Park zoo.

Source:  Keep on the Grass: A Brief History of Grand Rapids Parks

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