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My name is Carl Johnson and Heritage Woodworks is the company I started in retirement to pursue my long-time interest in woodworking.  
My career included community development, science teaching, consulting and technology management.
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Along the way I earned bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering (go Purdue!) and a masters of business management (go Northwestern!).
Now I’m able to pursue my interest in youth development by teaching basic woodworking skills through organizations such as the Girl Scouts.
My motivation is that in our consumer economy our youth don't know where stuff comes from - it just shows up on shelves - much less, how it was made.
Since wood is my favorite medium and because it's readily available, I decided to teach youth how to put together simple things (birdhouses and toolboxes), so they could experience the satisfaction of making something, and appreciate how products get to us.
And it’s a way to pass along an appreciation of the skills and tools used by generations of woodworkers – and perhaps interest another generation in learning how to build stuff!
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